About JIAS

Our philosophy is simple

We offer a style of language learning that extends far beyond the classroom and immerses you in the history, culture and life of your destination.

We want you to have a fully immersive and unforgettable experience, and to help make this happen we base everything we do on three key principles that we believe will make your time with us the best it can be:

Immersive Activities

So you can make the most of your destination, our staff and teachers run exciting social activities that provide the perfect opportunity to become more fluent in the English language, to discover the best of your city, and to create new friendships.

Innovative Learning

We know that if you want to study English well, the journey of learning is as important as the final result. That's why our teams are always creating innovative, interesting and challenging ways to help you remember what you've learnt.

Authentic Locations

We think that the only way you can truly learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture of the location you are in. Our schools and cities offer exactly this: a genuine taste of the place and its people.

Ultimately, we believe that studying English in the UK will open up your world through a life changing experience. But we know you need to see it to believe it! So we asked our students to share their experiences, and this is what they wanted to show you.