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This test will give you an approximate idea of your English level and the results will be sent to you and your chosen International House school. Please note, you will be given an estimated level based on the Common European Framework. You can cross reference this with the International House levels here.


Choose one option – (a), (b), (c), or (d) – that correctly completes sentence, then mark appropriate blank. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.
1. Teresa ________ Russian this term.
  • studying
  • B.studies
2. Clive was driving into town when he ________ out of petrol.
  • A.was running
  • C.ran
3. I don't enjoy computer games now, but I ________ like them when I was younger.
  • A.was used to
  • B.used to
  • C.would
4. We hoped George at 7.30 but he ________ yet.
  • A.hasn't arrived
  • B.has arrived.
  • C.didn't arrive
5. Film started ________ so you've missed quite lot.
  • A.for half an hour
  • B.half an hour ago
  • C.since half an hour
6. I keep my grammar notes in a ________ folder.
  • A.plastic big red
  • big plastic
  • C.big red plastic
7. When ________ the picnic, they went for a swim in the lake.
  • A.they'd been eating
  • B.they'd eaten
  • C.they've eaten
8. ________ my sister three times today but her number's always engaged.
  • A.I'd phoned
  • B.I've been phoning
  • C.I've phoned
9. ________ to the dentist after college so I can't play squash with you.
  • A.I'm going
  • B.I'll go
  • C.I go
10. I'll write to you as soon as ________ my exam results.
  • A.I know
  • B.I'll know
  • C.I'm going to know
11. The builders ________ the house by next month.
  • A.have finished
  • B.will have finished
  • C.will have been finishing
12. The day before the holiday, the men worked ________ than usual.
  • A.hardly
  • B.hardest
  • C.harder
13. Doesn't your brother ________ discos?
  • A.enjoy
  • B.enjoys
  • C.enjoying
14. The first thing they did when they met after twenty years was to hug ________.
  • A.each other
  • B.someone else
  • C.themselves
15. Since ________ school, Sheila has had several interesting jobs.
  • A.left
  • B.leaving
  • leave
16. My manager says we ________ take more than ten minutes for our break and, if we do, he'll make us work extra hours.
  • A.don't have to
  • B.don't need to
  • C.mustn't
17. I ran all the way to station but when I got there I realised that ________ because trains were delayed.
  • A.I didn't need to hurry
  • B.I needn't have hurried
  • C.I didn't have to hurry
18. ________ to take a spare T-shirt as you'll probably get really hot playing tennis.
  • A.You'd better
  • B.You should
  • C.You ought
19. You look really busy. ________ I put the shopping away for you?
  • A.Would
  • B.Shall
  • C.Will
20. When I got home I looked at the bill and realised the restaurant ________ added it up wrong so I'd paid too much.
  • A.must have
  • B.should have
  • C.could have
21. That bicycle ________ belong to Judy = it's much too big for her.
  • A.mustn't
  • B.mightn't
  • C.can't
22. While my car ________ I wandered round the city centre.
  • repaired
  • B.was repairing
  • C.was being repaired
23. Katie ________ her hair cut short when she left school.
  • A.had
  • B.did
  • C.made
24. Gareth ________ he was never going to lend Robert anything again.
  • A.informed
  • B.said
  • C.told
25. I asked Ruth where ________ her coat.
  • A.did she buy
  • B.had she bought
  • C.she had bought
26. I always avoid ________ on the bus because it makes me feel ill.
  • read
  • B.reading
27. My grandfather remembers ________ into this house when he was a very small boy.
  • A.moving
  • B.move
  • move
28. If you don't know a word, you can look ________ in your dictionary.
  • up
  • B.up it
29. I've never really got ________ my neighbor, probably because we're so different.
  • A.up to
  • B.through
  • C.on with
30. I'll book seats for the concert, if there ________ any good ones available.
  • A.will be
  • B.were
  • C.are
31. Liam would have saved a lot of money, if he ________ to my advice.
  • A.would listen
  • B.had listened
  • C.was listening
32. We'll go for a walk ________ it's foggy – I hate walking in the fog.
  • A.if
  • case
  • C.unless
33. I wish I ________ a good memory – it would make learning English much easier.
  • A.had had
  • B.had
  • C.would have
34. Alfred wears an old coat ________ his suit when he walks to work.
  • A.on
  • B.above
  • C.over
35. We're having a party ________ the last day of term.
  • B.on
36. As we can't agree ________ this subject, we won't discuss it again.
  • A.about
  • C.with
37. I enjoyed ________ last week.
  • A.the book you lent me
  • B.the book which you lent it to me
  • C.the book, that you lent me
38. This is the room in ________ the famous poet died.
  • A.which
  • B.where
  • C.that
39. I left the cinema ________ I had a headache and the film was very noisy.
  • that
  • C.therefore
40. ________ Martin could easily afford to go on holiday, he never does.
  • A.Although
  • B.Despite
  • C.In spite of
Each one is followed by a number of questions about it. You are to choose the one best answer, (a), (b), (c), or (d), to each question. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.
Leave Interstate 25 at exit 7S. Follow that road (Elm Street) for two miles. After one mile, you will pass a small shopping center on your left. At the next set of traffic lights, turn right onto Maple Drive. Erik's house is the third house on your left. It's number 33, and it's white with green trim.

41. What is Erik's address?
  • A.Interstate 25
  • B.2 Elm Street
  • C.13 Erika Street
  • D.33 Maple Drive
42. Which is closest to Erik's house?
  • A.the traffic lights
  • B.the shopping center
  • C.exit 7S
  • D.a greenhouse
Date: May 16, 1998
To: Megan Fallerman
From: Steven Roberts
Subject: Staff Meeting
Please be prepared to give your presentation on the monthly sales figures at our upcoming staff meeting. In addition to the accurate accounting of expenditures for the monthly sales, be ready to discuss possible reasons for fluctuations as well as possible trends in future customer spending. Thank you.

43. The main focus of the presentation will be ______.
  • A.monthly expenditures
  • B.monthly salary figures
  • C.monthly sales figures
  • D.staff meeting presentations
44. Who will give the presentation?
  • A.the company president
  • B.Megan Fallerman
  • C.Steven Roberts
  • D.future customers
Spend ten romantic days enjoying the lush countryside of southern England. The counties of Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, and Essex invite you to enjoy their castles and coastline, their charming bed and breakfast inns, their museums and their cathedrals. Spend lazy days watching the clouds drift by or spend active days hiking the glorious hills. These fields were home to Thomas Hardy, and the ports launched ships that shaped world history. Bed and breakfasts abound, ranging from quiet farmhouses to lofty castles. Our tour begins August 15. Call or fax us today for more information 1-800-222-XXXX. Enrollment is limited, please call soon.

45. Which of the following counties is not included in the tour?
  • A.Devon
  • B.Cornwall
  • C.Essex
  • D.Hampshire
46. How many people can go on this tour?
  • A.10
  • unlimited number
  • C.2 – 8
  • D.a limited number
LISTEN TO STATEMENTS. Decide which of the two words appears in spoken statement and mark the appropriate answer, a or b. set a.
47. _______
  • A.dyed
  • B.tied
48. _______
  • A.peach
  • B.beach
49. _______
  • A.vest
  • B.west
50. _______
  • A.decks
  • B.desks
51. _______
  • A.whittle
  • B.whistle
LISTEN TO SPOKEN STATEMENTS. Decide which of the four answer choices a, b, c, d has the same meaning as the statement.

  • A.Rick doesn’t mind attending meetings
  • B.had to tell Rick about the meeting
  • C.Rick and I haven’t met recently
  • D.I asked Rick if he’d remind me
  • A.People from the city know little about farming
  • B.Once, this part of the city was agricultural land
  • C.At one time a city stood on these open fields
  • D.Many people in this part of the city once lived on farms
  • A.Keith has never been critical of your ideas
  • B.Do you have any idea what size Keith wears?
  • C.You have done nothing but criticize Keith’s ideas
  • D.Is Keith sure what your ideas mean?
  • A.No one thought Mandy could do a good job
  • B.Mandy was the best person for the job
  • C.Everyone helped Mandy do her job
  • D.Mandy once had a much better job
  • A.I don’t like thunderstorms, especially at this time of year
  • B.Thunderstorms are particularly common during this season
  • C.Ordinarily, there aren’t many thunderstorms at this time of year
  • D.During this time of year, thunderstorms can be very severe
Listen to conversations and the question about them. Decide which of the four answers choices a, b, c, d is the best answer to question. Then mark appropriate answer.

  • A.He met her during the summer
  • B.He’s never liked her very much
  • C.He warned her of a problem
  • D.His impression of her has changed
  • A.Review the last point
  • B.Go on to the next chapter
  • C.Leave the classroom
  • D.Point out the teacher’s mistake
  • A.She hadn’t completed the required courses
  • B.She would graduate in May
  • C.She didn’t have to repeat a course
  • D.She liked chemistry
  • A.Writing an advertisement
  • B.Playing a game
  • C.Reading a newspaper
  • D.Discussing a book
  • A.Grace may want to live with the man’s sister
  • B.The woman thinks, Grace already has a roommate
  • C.The woman doesn’t know where Grace has moved
  • D.Grace doesn’t know the man’s sister

  • A.In a cafeteria
  • B.In a television studio
  • C.In a classroom
  • D.In a video store
  • A.History
  • B.Drama
  • C.Telecommunication
  • D.Psychology
  • A.He’s had a lot of acting experience
  • B.He’s majoring in history
  • C.He’s directed shows in the past
  • D.He knows how to operate a camera
  • A.He looks honest
  • B.He speaks with the same accent
  • C.He has a beard
  • D.He is tall and thin
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