Tips to learn English

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  • Try watching movies and TV programs, and listening to the radio, in English. Don't be discouraged if you can't understand everything first time, the more you listen the more you will understand. With movies on video, if you find it difficult, don't try to watch everything at once; watch a little at a time, checking any new words in your dictionary.
  • Read newspaper and magazine articles that interest you. Write down any new or difficult words. Try to guess what you think they mean from how they are used. Check the meanings in a dictionary.
  • Listen to songs. Follow the lyrics sheet that often comes with a CD. Try to write the lyrics of a song only by listening to it; you'll probably need to listen several times with many pauses. (The lyrics of many songs can be found on the Internet, try starting with a search engine such as Google, Yahoo.
  • Write reviews of movies you've seen, restaurants you've eaten at etc. Describe them and say what you liked - and didn't like about them.
  • Speak to as many English people as possible; if you see Native speakers in your country, say hello and ask if they need an
  • Learning English as a hobby and you will like it.
  • Make friends from different countries, and keep in touch with them. If you have English speaking friends, you will learn English automatically - new phrases and useful words, you will feel free to speak
  • All the Best for Learning the Language