Teaching method

All of our teachers hold professional teaching qualifications and are selected for their enthusiasm as well as their ability. Friendly and accessible, we appreciate the needs of our students and take an active role in planning courses.

We make sure that you have access to a variety of learning materials, often using current events and life in the UK as a resource to bring the outside world into the classroom. Our teaching philosophy is that learning is more effective when our students are encouraged to use English in real life situations outside the classroom, ensuring classroom input is practical and relevant to students' day to day lives. Thus, we try to combine this philosophy with the teaching of grammar and theory aspects, so that you have and experience a true linguistic competence.

We work with EAQUALSto ensure academic excellence for all students. We follow the "Common European Framework of Reference” (CEFR), which divides learners into six different levels depending on their skills - from beginners (A1) to proficiency (C2). You can learn more about these levels in "How good is my level of English?".

Additionally, all our schools offer substantial benefits:

  • Weekly progress testing: every week, we carry out a classroom test to assess how much you have learnt and establish the areas you may need to work on.
  • Independent learning plans: an optional tailor-made plan to help you make the most of your time outside the classroom and use our facilities effectively.
  • Individual tutorials every month: you have the option to meet with your teacher to discuss your development, review your goals or focus on a specific area of study.
  • Online resources: we provide a wide range of learning materials and resources that you can use from the moment you book to up to six months after you complete your course with us.
  • Extra sessions and contact time: a good variety of free teacher-led activities, such as clubs, conversation groups, seminars, meetings and social events.
  • Class size is maximum 24 students,

We understand that our students learn more effectively when they feel comfortable and when they are enjoying their time with us, so we make a great effort to create a place of study that is friendly and open, with a sense of community.

We are also aware that each student progresses at a different pace. For that reason, we try to offer as much flexibility as possible, so that you can design the course combination that best suits you and decide how many hours a week and how long you want to stay with us.

Our students value the importance of learning in a native-speaker context and benefit from the inclusion of culturally-specific learning materials, particularly those relating to the UK. We operate within a multicultural environment in which a culture of tolerance, understanding and encouragement is promoted.

Finally, we offer private tuitionat all schools, giving you a personalised learning programme to help you progress quickly.

If you would like further information, contact us and we will be happy to help you.