What is iBT TOEFL?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an English language test administered by ETS that measures your ability to use and understand English at the university level. The TOEFL iBT is internet-based tests that evaluates how well you combine your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills to perform academic task since it has introduced in 2005.

What we offer?

At JET Institute for Academic Success, you will be offered with 3 TOEFL courses, official TOEFL, General TOEFL, and Full TOEFL class which are appropriate for students who are in different proficiency level.

Official TOEFL

Our Official TOEFL course is for advanced level students who are in hurry to take the test right after the course. This course will be more intensive than the General IELTS course that will help students with sophisticated writing, reading, speaking, listening techniques, knowledge and how to correctly organize those skills to as well as with grammar and vocabulary building tactics.

General TOEFL

General TOEFL course is for students, those who are not in a level of advanced, therefore, will provided with simpler program than Official TOEFL course. General course is a structured and systematic step to reach Official TOEFL course that also helps you to take a test as soon as you complete the steps.


Finally, we offer Full TOEFL course, an accelerated learning where students will be provided with expeditious program that takes only 4 weeks. Students will have classes of 6 academic hours during the weekdays which makes the knowledge gaining process faster and effective than other centers.