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A.Who is the administrator of GRE?

The GRE exam has been administered by the Educational Testing Service.

B.Year started: 1949

C. What is GRE Used For?

The purpose of the GRE is to grant the qualifiers of this exam a place in the Masters or Doctoral programs in the different non-business schools. Recently, many of the business schools have also started accepting results from this examination as part of the admission criteria.

Students must note that it is only a general test that has been formulated to judge the different applicants on the same basic level of learning skills. The overall academic qualification and ability that is judged with this test help the schools to compare the applicants with the same gauge.

Students coming from different backgrounds and under-graduate schools apply to the same graduate schools. The GRE, therefore, becomes a fair test to select students of the same level. You must bear in mind, though, that it is not the only evaluation that you will be required to clear before getting accepted; there might be others, but GRE still stands to be one of the most crucial ones.

Students, who cannot boast high college GPA, can still aim to do exceptionally well in the GRE to open up new avenues for them. So if your college GPA is not something that you are very proud of, you still have a chance to outshine those who are with great GRE scores.

Whether you are planning to go to graduate school or business school — or just exploring your options — you are taking an important step toward your future. It is a smart move to show schools your best and with the GRE® revised General Test, you can! That's the Power of Confidence — only with the GRE revised General Test.

D. Who accepts it?

The GRE revised General Test is accepted at thousands of graduate and business schools as well as departments and divisions within these schools. The list of the schools:



c.Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are primarily the two most vital exams for getting admission in the foreign universities particularly those of USA and UK. Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) is an important examination to be cleared to make it to the USA education system popularly. It holds importance for graduate courses offered in English speaking countries globally too. It is on the basis of the scores on these entrance exams that the top universities of the world take admission of students in different courses.

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